iControl ESI Adds Robust Set of New Review Features

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iControl ESI adds an entire set of new review features with RECENSEO Release 2013.4.  The new review toolset is designed to accelerate document review beyond the already distinguished capabilities of the RECENSEO® review platform.

RECENSEO® Release 2013.4 headlines with two core feature enhancements: Copy Previous (cloned coding) and re-designed (user-customizable) designation templates.

2011_Recenseo-REGISTEREDIn RECENSEO Release 2013.4, iControl ESI introduces another toolset to increase review productivity. RECENSEO now offers cloned coding capbilities via a new function, Copy Previous. During the course of review, attorneys often apply the same designation sets repeatedly. Copy Previous provides the ability to apply an entire designation set (from one document to another) with the click of a button.  This tool set, along with the related Undo/Redo capabilities, saves valuable time.

Also in the the 2013.4 release, RECENSEO document tagging and coding templates get a newly combined look and feel. In addition to updating document designations and tags in one place, each reviewer can re-arrange each template so that RECENSEO displays the available designations, tags, etc in the order best suited to the task at hand. Reviewers can make these changes on-the-fly, using a simple drag and drop technique. RECENSEO remembers these configuration changes from session to session. These changes will not impact template configurations for other reviewers.

About iControl ESI®:
iControl ESI is an end-to-end ediscovery solutions provider. With the combination of expert consulting services, skilled project management, and state-of-the-art technology, iControl ESI is able to lower the cost of data discovery and increase document review efficiencies. iControl ESI develops and supports its proprietary review platform, RECENSEO®, a complete online document review solution.

RECENSEO is iControl ESI’s complete review solution. It is powerful, intuitive, secure, and stable. RECENSEO offers the required horsepower, flexibility, and function for the largest and most complex electronic discovery projects, while remaining easy to learn and use. Whether a large team of contract attorneys conducting a privilege review or a single paralegal searching for a particular document, RECENSEO is the right solution.

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