iControl ESI Releases Functional & Aesthetic RECENSEO Search & Review Enhancements

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The most notable enhancements of RECENSEO Release 2013.5 are design and functionality upgrades to the Search Builder, Review Assignment Batches, and customizable document review page configuration. All of these upgrades provide enhanced functionality while keeping with iControl ESI’s commitment to host an intuitive user interface.

The 2013.5 release of RECENSEO’s new Search Builder makes search construction more intuitive and presents even complex nested criteria with a high level of clarity. Search Builder accomplishes this with clean lines and reinforced attribute language. Each search reads in a structured sentence format. Additionally, search operators (and/or) are easy to view or change in a simple toggle at the end of each search criteria.

The Review Assignment Batches enhancements include several new filtering and assignment features. Reviewers and team leaders can now easily find specific assignments through a robust set of assignment filters. These filters include assignment status, priority, workflow, and assignee.

Additionally, a newly streamlined “check-out” process frees team leads from the task of specifically matching reviewers with assignment batches. Each reviewer can simply select an available assignment (to which they have access), and check it out. RECENSEO automatically “assigns” the batch to that reviewer.

2011_Recenseo-REGISTEREDTo polish off this release, iControl ESI added more options to the already user-customizable document review page layout. In addition to the existing page layouts, drag-and-drop coding templates, Grid View field settings, and undocking options, users now have six different review page templates from which to review, and five of those templates are compatible with RECENSEO’s dual monitor review feature. (The sixth template is a single-page Grid View template, with no elements to undock.)

About iControl ESI®:
iControl ESI is an end-to-end ediscovery solutions provider. With the combination of expert consulting services, skilled project management, and state-of-the-art technology, iControl ESI is able to lower the cost of data discovery and increase document review efficiencies. iControl ESI develops and supports its proprietary review platform, RECENSEO®, a complete online document review solution.

RECENSEO is iControl ESI’s complete review solution. It is powerful, intuitive, secure, and stable. RECENSEO offers the required horsepower, flexibility, and function for the largest and most complex electronic discovery projects, while remaining easy to learn and use. Whether a large team of contract attorneys conducting a privilege review or a single paralegal searching for a particular document, RECENSEO is the right solution.

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