iControl ESI Adds Powerful Predictive Coding Toolset and Process Consulting Services to the RECENSEO Review Platform

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iControl ESI, a national provider of e-Discovery services, reported on May 1, 2014 that it has been, throughout 2014, offering proprietary predictive coding solutions to both its law firm and corporate clients. The launch of this toolset, and accompanying process consulting services, has demonstrated an indisputable and dramatic impact on the review cost associated with large document populations.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the iControl ESI predictive coding process is the extremely short learning curve. As with every predictive coding platform, it is very important to identify a reviewer with a high level of matter expertise, and employ their skills to “train” the predictive system. Within just a few short minutes, that expert can learn all they need to conduct the training and evaluation steps in RECENSEO. RECENSEO and the iControl Predictive Coding team take care of the rest.

“It has been exciting to see this evolution,” said Jeff Johnson, CTO and Principal at iControl ESI. “We’ve been offering text analytics to our clients since 2007. We’ve long known there is power there, but to execute these predictive coding projects and see our clients demonstrably slash document review budgets by 75%, as we have seen in 2014, is very rewarding.”

“The Predictive Coding offering our team has developed is simply incredible,” said Chris Lorenz, President at iControl ESI. “Our corporate clients are thrilled with the cost savings, and their counsel, though sometimes skeptical at first, have quickly converted and been very pleased with both the simplicity of the process and the effectiveness of the results.”

About iControl ESI®:
iControl ESI is an end-to-end eDiscovery solutions provider. With the combination of expert consulting services, skilled project management, and state-of-the-art technology, iControl ESI is able to lower the cost of data discovery and increase document review efficiencies. iControl ESI develops and supports its proprietary review platform, RECENSEO®, a complete online document review solution.

RECENSEO is iControl ESI’s complete review solution. It is powerful, intuitive, secure, and stable. RECENSEO offers the required horsepower, flexibility, and function for the largest and most complex electronic discovery projects, while remaining easy to learn and use. Whether a team of attorneys conducting a large scale, multi-pass document review or a single paralegal searching for a particular document, RECENSEO is the right solution.

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