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Technology Brings Industry‐Leading Speed, Flexibility, and Insight to Data Classification and Predictive Coding

ADDISON, TX – June 28, 2016 ‐ iControl ESI announced today the formal release of ENVIZE™, a machine learning‐based data classification tool built to solve the problems review teams typically face in the discovery process while applying machine learning or “predictive coding” to large data populations.

“We are very proud of ENVIZE,” said Matt Simmons, President of iControl ESI. “We’ve seen first‐hand the savings, in both cost and time, this tool makes possible. Recent changes in the industry provide an opportunity to bring our unique technology to market, as a review tool‐agnostic predictive coding solution,” added Simmons.

ENVIZE takes a novel approach to processes that have historically been both time and machine‐intensive. Where competitive solutions take hours to complete, ENVIZE completes in mere seconds, and it does so with lower resource requirements. Additionally, ENVIZE’s robust API provides review teams with extreme flexibility. This is in contrast to most other tools on the market, which are very rigid, and force review teams down a very specific process path. Another benefit of the ENVIZE API is that it provides a wide array of ‘query‐able’ data elements that make it possible to know more than ever about the status of data classification projects.

ENVIZE provides industry‐leading Continuous Active Learning (CAL) capabilities, while acknowledging that case‐specific considerations may reasonably dictate a more traditional (or modified traditional) approach to predictive coding. In either case, ENVIZE provides for the workflow that best suits the project.

In large document review and production projects, ENVIZE allows clients to:

  • Choose between a traditional “Train‐then‐Review” or Continuous Active Learning (CAL) approach
  • Choose when (or even if) they review a control batch
  • Start and finish training faster
  • Deploy review teams faster
  • More readily handle rolling population changes
  • Measure performance with a built‐in dashboard of progressive statistics

“ENVIZE is a truly unique product,” said Jeff Johnson, CTO and co‐founder of iControl ESI. “It represents several years of R&D. We’ve used the underlying technology in serving iControl ESI clients for some time. We’ve seen both the commonalities and uniqueness that accompany large scale discovery progress. That experience led us to build ENVIZE with flexibility where needed, but perhaps more importantly, we have not bogged ENVIZE down with unnecessary complexity. It is easy to understand and easy to use,” added Johnson.

Press Contact:
Robin Athlyn Thompson CEDS IGP CIP IGP
VP Marketing | Business Development

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iControl ESI, founded in 1999, is a complete eDiscovery software and services provider, providing solutions in all phases of the EDRM. Through a combination of expert advisory services, skilled and efficient project management, state‐of‐the-art technology, and a singular focus on creating the best client experience, iControl ESI provides solutions to the business problems associated with discovery, by lowering the cost of data discovery, and increasing document review efficiencies. In addition to working with industry‐best technologies, iControl ESI utilizes its own developed technologies, which include ENVIZE™, an industry‐changing predictive coding solution, and Recenseo®, a complete online document review solution. Visit us at www.icontrolesi.com.

RECENSEO is iControl ESI’s complete review solution. It is powerful, intuitive, secure, and stable. RECENSEO offers the required horsepower, flexibility, and function for the largest and most complex electronic discovery projects, while remaining easy to learn and use. Whether a large team of contract attorneys conducting a privilege review or a single paralegal searching for a particular document, RECENSEO is the right solution.

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