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Robin Thompson and Mark Walker to Present September 7 Webinar

ADDISON, TX – August 26, 2016 ‐ iControl ESI, a complex eDiscovery software and solutions company founded in 1999, today announced that Robin Thompson, VP Marketing and Business Development and Mark Walker, VP Advisory Services, are featured speakers for the ACEDS September 7th educational webinar.

“For a long time now, I’ve looked for a way to collaborate with my long-time colleague, Mark Walker, on an educational event, and this is the perfect one!   Over the last decade, I’ve been monitoring hiring trends in organizations, and keeping statistics on the demographic attendance for my own webinar series.  What they both reveal is an increased percentage of RIM and IG professionals attending education on eDiscovery. There are organizations requiring CRM and/or IGP certification and/or ARMA experience for staff involved in eDiscovery, particularly preservation and hold.  The upshot?  RIM is fully present in the eDiscovery process.  My part of the program will focus on the history of RIM in discovery, and how RIM works with other governance practices to manage information and the risk associated with it,” said Robin Thompson.  “I will also share some war stories from trials I worked on where records played a key role,” added Thompson.

acedslogo“We are thrilled to be doing this program for ACEDS.  In the years I have been advising organizations and law firms on discovery management, I’ve noticed more increasingly over the years that RIM professionals are part of the response teams.  What I find an opportunity to share with our attendees is a consistent workflow that can be used by both legal and RIM to more effectively manage this process, and to clearly understand the individual roles.  My portion of the program will focus on legal hold and the challenges with preservation and collection,” said Mark Walker.

Title:                        First Responders:  The Role of RIM/ IG in eDiscovery

Highlights:         This is a program designed for both RIM and eDiscovery professionals who want to understand one another’s important role in the eDiscovery process. We highly encourage members of ARMA and AIIM to tune in and hear this valuable program. For over a decade, we’ve listened to and read blogs from Robin Thompson as she’s lectured and written about the crucial role of RIM in eDiscovery. Now, in this program especially written for both communities of practice, she and co-presenter Mark Walker will talk about the history of RIM’s role in eDiscovery and how that role has evolved in today’s organization to its present state. The program will focus on the valuable and key role that RIM plays in mitigating risk associated with preservation. In addition, the program will discuss and share best practices and effective workflows, and provide real life case experiences. Attendees of this program will have an understanding of where RIM/IG fits in the litigation response team.

Date:                     Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Time:                    1 pm ET / 12 noon CT

Register Here:  http://www.aceds.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=851321&group

Press Contact:
Robin Athlyn Thompson CEDS IGP CIP IGP
VP Marketing | Business Development

About the Speakers

Robin Athlyn Thompson CEDS IGP CIP IG spent the first twenty years of her career working in private law firms and corporate legal departments managing the discovery of some of the nation’s largest litigation. She is a two-time lifetime achievement award winner for her contributions and service to the eDiscovery, RIM, and IG communities, as well as one of the industry’s leading market strategists and top social media personalities.

Mark Walker is the author of multiple treatises on trial practice and preparation, a frequent blogger and lecturer. Mark has nearly twenty years of trial paralegal experience, coordinating and managing the discovery for some of the nation’s largest litigation. He is considered one of the leading technologists and advisors in our industry.

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