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Second Requests.

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Second Requests are extremely fast-moving, and often very complex.
Fortunately, we thrive in complex, pressure-packed situations.
Just like you.

With decades of combined experience handling some of the largest and most complex M&A Second Request projects ever filed, iControl ESI provides first-class solutions and service. Our processes and workflows are vetted and proven to guide you through the Second Request process. We don’t have to guess about the methods that are acceptable to government investigators, and our experts are frequently included in discussions with government investigators. We have designated Second Request teams with vast experience and a vetted Second Request methodology that incorporates leading-edge technology and workflows.

iControl ESI's Review Platform

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Second Request Experience
High-Profile Government Investigations

Dedicated M&A Second Request Teams
High-Profile Government Investigations (CIDs)
On-site Expert Witnesses
Prioritized Issue-Based Review
Predictive Coding
Technology Assisted Review Tool Suite
Email Threading
Near-Duplicate Detection
Automated Foreign Document Translation
Advanced Data Reporting
FTC & DOJ Delivery Standards

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