We founded iControl ESI with two objectives…

The Science of eDiscovery
To design an intuitive, user-friendly, secure, cost-effective, and scalable online review application.

The Art of Client Service
To offer customized eDiscovery solutions that meet the unique needs of every case and client.

Company History

In 1999, we founded iControl ESI around a single corporate account – a Fortune 50 global telecommunications equipment company that had seen exorbitant costs related to litigation support expenses. Our goals were to design and implement technological tools and project management methodologies that would help the organization gain control of their documents, data, and the expense of dealing with them in litigation.

The following year, a Fortune 500 semiconductor manufacturing company enlisted iControl ESI to replace their in-house litigation support department as a cost-cutting measure. In brief, these valued corporate relationships provided the foundation upon which we have built a successful and rewarding business.

In the years since our start, we have worked with several Fortune 500 clients and some of the world’s largest law firms. We are pleased with the contributions we’ve made to our clients and our industry, and we’re excited about the contributions we’ve yet to make.

Our technological and project management expertise, combined with our commitment to the Science of eDiscovery and the Art of Client Service, are truly unique. In essence, we are a powerful and agile ally, and we want to be in your corner.

Company History

ENVIZE Predictive Analytics

Minimize review time and cost with ENVIZE. ENVIZE’s unique user experience, combined with patent-pending sample selection and training stabilization scoring, make industry-leading process visibility and workflow flexibility possible.

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