Streamline workflows and boost efficiency.

Ipro Eclipse® is a standout among eDiscovery solutions, and it integrates as a component of the Automated Digital Discovery platform. With Eclipse, you’re getting advanced analytics, computer-assisted-review functionality and even more cutting-edge features.


Speed up review with fewer touches.

Eclipse uses advanced analytics to identify and thread email conversations, find and compare near duplicate documents, and cluster similar documents. This gives you the all-important first look at collections even before starting your review. Speed up review time and increase accuracy by reviewing logical clusters in the same batch.

No SQL back end? No problem!

If you don’t have the resources to maintain web-based, client-server SQL software, Eclipse SE is a version running off a self-contained database. The functionality of both is similar, but Eclipse SE is built to fit into your current infrastructure. Its high-speed (non-SQL) database offers a true all-in-one litigation platform for any type of organization, of any size.

Key Features

  • Full analytics capabilities such as email threading, conceptual clustering, categorization, and near-duplicate identification come at no additional cost
  • Administrators can customize workflows for each level of document review
  • Maintain visibility and oversight over the entire document review process using powerful reports
  • Prevent accidental production of privileged documents using Production Shield
  • Ipro’s Enterprise Workers deliver high-speed distributed production and exports
  • Customizable layouts, including dual monitor support, allow reviewers to work how they feel comfortable
  • Ipro makes early case assessment, analytical review, and full litigation processing easy with seamless integration between Eclipse and eCapture
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