The Insight of Education

The Insight of Education


The Power of Knowledge

The Insight of Education

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One of the ways we give back to our community is through sharing education and resources to that end, ESI Insight is designed to provide valuable education and resources to those managing ESI.

Long ago, we recognized that the management of discovery and regulatory inquiry expanded beyond the business communities of legal and IT. The resources below provide valuable information for the expanded communities of practice involved in eDiscovery and regulatory inquiry such as RIM, IG, IT, Risk, Compliance, Privacy and Security.

ESI Insight Webinar Archives

Career Advancements:
The Non-Lawyer Role in eDiscovery

In this program, Senior Advisor, Susan Ippoliti Kavanagh, talks about the advancement in careers of non-lawyers in the industry.

Social Media Evidence and Ethics

This month, our VP of Advisory Mark Walker talked about gathering and preserving social media evidence. Moreover, Walker touched on our responsibilities and the ethics involved in those collections. The program specifically includes information associated with Florida for the attendees on the east coast. Our friend Suzanne Clark, Esq. of Jimerson and Cobb provided this information to us. Clark, unfortunately, came down with flu even though she was initially scheduled to present.

New Year’s Resolution:
Networking for Increased Net Worth

Our focus in January was Professional Development. This webinar features Susan Ippoliti Kavanagh and Robin Athlyn Thompson. In this program, former NFPA Board member and eDiscovery expert Susan Ippoliti Kavanagh covers industry associations. And specifically how to maximize their value. Robin Athlyn Thompson, national eDiscovery strategist and one of LinkedIn’s top social sellers, also shares her tips to raise your social selling index.

Project Management and eDiscovery

Sheila Grela, ACP, CEDS, eDiscovery expert and senior paralegal at the Dentons law firm, joined us in our final webinar of the year to share the wealth of eDiscovery resources that are available to us.

Watch Your Language! Cross-Border eDiscovery

In this program, Aaron Crews, Senior Associate General Counsel and Head of eDiscovery at Wal-Mart. Teams with Scott Herber, Executive Vice President and General Manager of VIA. They both talk about Cross-Border Discovery. Due to technical difficulties, this webinar was not recorded, but a copy of the slide presentation is available by writing

Project Management and eDiscovery Pt. 2

Mark Walker, VP of Advisory Services for iControl ESI, is joined by Michael Quartararo, PMP, CEDS, Director of Litigation Support Services at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan to discuss Michael’s new treatise on eDiscovery Project Management, and the unique challenges faced by the eDiscovery project manager.

The Paralegal’s Role in eDiscovery

We invited Susan Kavanagh, eDiscovery expert, and Paralegal Evangelist, to talk to us in this session about the role of the paralegal in eDiscovery. Susan is a Senior Advisor with iControl ESI, and the former Director of Client and Member Services for ACEDS. She’s a long-time National Board member for the National Federation of Paralegal Associations. Susan has some great information to share with us about the valuable role of the paralegal in our industry. Learn more…

Defensible Deletion

In August, we invited Ben Hubble, Manager of Records Management for Wendy’s International to join us to discuss Defensible Deletion. With a large amount of the cases decided in eDiscovery dealing with the issue of spoliation. The tips and best practices are given to us by Ben. Who helped all of the attendees with tips and best practices to ensure we are in compliance when deleting information. Learn more…

TAR: A Peek Inside the Black Box

In our kick-off webinar, litigation technology guru and industry expert Mark Walker gave us a peek inside the black box of Technology Assisted Review in a plain-spoken and easy to understand the lecture. Highlights of this webinar included: machine learning basics; the difference between “predictive coding” and “machine learning;’ how machine learning/PC technology is used today; and how improved technology changes the way we use it. Learn more…

White Papers, eBooks, & Misc

TAR: Batch-Mode Active Learning

This paper is co-authored by iControl’s Chandler Burgess, Md Habib and Jeff Johnson along with Tanay Saha and Mohammad Hasan of the Department of Computer Science, Indiana University/Purdue University and was presented as part of the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Big Data.

Top Tips to a Successful eDiscovery Demo

Learn how to effectively evaluate eDiscovery software demonstrations. This eBook will help you to prepare in advance and also provides a grading system for cross-evaluating multiple solutions.

Combining Predictive Coding and Search Term
Classification in 5 Easy Steps

Combining validated key terms and machine learning workflows have proven over and over to save considerable time and money by eliminating ESI that has no value.

ENVIZETM Predictive Analytics

Minimize review time and cost with ENVIZETM. ENVIZE’s unique user experience, combined with patent-pending sample selection and training stabilization scoring make industry-leading process visibility and workflow flexibility possible.

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