ENVIZE Offers Fresh Take on Traditional Analytics

ADDISON, TXApril 18, 2017 – iControl ESI, a complex eDiscovery software and solutions company founded in 1999, announced today that it is adding “Concept Clustering,” “Near Duplicate,” “Email Threading,” and audio file capabilities to its groundbreaking predictive coding technology, ENVIZE™.

“Having offered analytics solutions to our clients for more than 10 years, iControl ESI recognizes that, far too often, these seemingly powerful tools don’t deliver the hoped-for impact to our clients. This is generally attributable to some combination of less-than-useful real-world results, inability to scale, high barriers to user adoption, and cost. When we add new features to ENVIZE, we take the time to do so in a way that complements the tool’s unique power and flexibility. This case is no different. The feature set sounds familiar, but the approach is new, more useful, remarkably better performing, and highly scalable,” said Jeff Johnson, President, and CTO.

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iControl highlights the following relative to these ENVIZE features:

  • ENVIZE’s document clustering does not force every document into clusters, as many tools do. As a result, ENVIZE creates better clusters, a more understandable cluster hierarchy, and better ability to make decisions at the cluster level
  • ENVIZE’s near dupe detection and inclusive email identification use an ingenious process and algorithms that, when running against very large review populations, are remarkably faster and require a fraction of the resource, when compared to the most common competitors in the eDiscovery market
  • ENVIZE utilizes the latest audio-to-text technology, allowing for the application of its other features to stored audio

“Adding this functionality to ENVIZE extends our ability to replace the outdated functionality in review software today,” said Mark Walker, Vice President of Advisory Services at iControl ESI.  “ENVIZE is review tool agnostic, but until now, we had to rely on the near dupe, threading, and concept capability of others when we were not using our own Recenseo review tool.”

About iControl ESI
iControl ESI, founded in 1999, is a complete eDiscovery software and services provider, providing solutions in all phases of the EDRM.  Through a combination of expert advisory services, skilled and efficient project management, state-of-the-art technology, and a singular focus on creating the best client experience, iControl ESI provides solutions to the business problems associated with discovery, by lowering the cost of data discovery and increasing document review efficiencies. In addition to working with industry-best technologies, iControl ESI utilizes its own developed technologies, which include ENVIZE, an industry-changing predictive coding solution, and Recenseo, a complete online document review solution. Visit us at www.icontrolesi.com.

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