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Forget the techno-jargon – It’s time to make eDiscovery
predictive analytics technology work for you.

The Science of Data Analytics. The Art of Envizing It.

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You’ve heard vendors, colleagues, and courts tout the power and indispensability of “Technology Assisted Review”. You know that you need to do something to deal with the ever-growing volume of documents to review in your cases. Yet when you start reading about TAR 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, SAL, CAL, SPL, CMML, LSI, LSA, SVM, Logistic Regression, Stability, Precision, Recall, Elusion, Confidence Level, Margin of Error . . . it seems like you need to have a Ph.D. in both computer science and statistics to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to win your case.

It’s almost as if the eDiscovery industry has deliberately tried to make AI into something scary. Perhaps they think that scaring you will lead you to bend your document review to a specific technology’s process. Which technology? The one they happen to be selling.

You don’t want that. You certainly don’t need to accept it.

We created ENVIZE® to make AI in eDiscovery understandable, defensible, affordable, and most of all, easy. AI in document review is really no different than letting your favorite music or video streaming service recommend songs or movies that you’ll like, based on other songs or movies that you’ve liked in the past.

The system makes document decision recommendations based on document decisions that you and your team have made on a smaller portion of the documents.

ENVIZE provides powerful machine-learning analytics to help you focus on the critical documents in an eDiscovery review, so that you can get your work done faster – and done better. ENVIZE’s unique user experience, easy-to-use interface, and ability to handle large cases is unmatched in an industry where complex, difficult-to-use systems have been the rule.

We’ve integrated ENVIZE into industry-leading review platforms so that you don’t have to manually move ESI between systems. You can now painlessly leverage a unified workflow between the powerful machine-learning analytics of ENVIZE and your document review system. That means that you can continue to use your own eDiscovery workflows that you have spent years refining; ENVIZE will simply make your workflows faster – and make them better.

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Wait, what if you LIKE techno-jargon?

We know that there are some of us out there, who have made it their career to understand the technology of AI in eDiscovery inside and out. If that’s you, we’ll be happy to discuss in great detail how ENVIZE’s patent-pending sample selection and training stabilization scoring make industry-leading process visibility and workflow flexibility possible.

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