ENVIZE – Your New Personal Analytics Assistant

I’ve written an awful lot about the problems we face in our industry with analytics: that we’ve invented this incredible machine-learning technology that has been largely ignored, that we’ve confused our customers with constantly-evolving terminology, and that we need to do better at wrapping our powerful technology into a simple package that anyone can use.

It’s easy to talk about the problems, but mere discussions solve nothing. So what are we, at iControl, doing about it? What are we doing to prevent predictive analytics from being the next laugh line in movies? How are we bridging the gap between reviewers and technologists?

I’m glad you asked! This is just one small example of something we give our customers now. It’s a simple-to-read indicator of how well our machine-learning technology has been trained to think like you do. Great! But what does that really mean?

I’m glad you asked that too! Imagine for a moment that a highly intelligent personal assistant (we’ll call him “ENVIZE”) was watching every aspect of your review, with no distractions, and learning to react the same way you react with each new document you read. The more you review, the more he learns. The stability gauge you see above is a continuously updated scoring badge that your personal project assistant, ENVIZE, wears prominently – he wears it so that you’ll always know how clearly he understands all of your instructions, your documents, and your overall project. In other words, that stability gauge is continuous feedback of his training and how close he is to producing the same review output that you would.

Like most personal assistants, ENVIZE starts out with a quick orientation/training period before he begins to work on his own. But the similarity stops there because, unlike other assistants, he’s a lightning-fast learner with no supervision required. No long lunches or sick/vacation days to contend with. Just a dedicated, always-on-the-job assistant who handles your review tasks while you’re out doing more important things…like attending Relativity Fest 2018 to learn even more about the different ways ENVIZE can assist you.

I am so excited to give my first Tech Talk at Relativity Fest and hope to see some of you there. Don’t forget to find out more about the adventures of our heroes in Jargon Wars by watching the trailer at the iControl ENVIZE kiosk at #RelativityFest #2018! Schedule your private demo here: http://go.icontrolesi.com/l/467831/2018-09-05/dhqphg

About iControl ESI
iControl ESI, founded in 1999, is a complete eDiscovery software and services provider, providing solutions in all phases of the EDRM.  Through a combination of expert advisory services, skilled and efficient project management, state-of-the-art technology, and a singular focus on creating the best client experience, iControl ESI provides solutions to the business problems associated with discovery, by lowering the cost of data discovery and increasing document review efficiencies. In addition to working with industry-best technologies, iControl ESI utilizes its own developed technologies, which include ENVIZE, an industry-changing predictive coding solution, and Recenseo, a complete online document review solution. Visit us at www.icontrolesi.com.

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