Our Clients

Our Clients

We’ve provided eDiscovery solutions
for clients around the world since 1999.

We’ve provided eDiscovery solutions
for clients around the world since 1999.


AMLAW 100 Firms

We’ve worked with some of the largest law firms in the world on some of the largest cases in the world. Our technology expertise and management team ingenuity have supported some of the largest litigation successes in the world.

Fortune 50 Companies

Some of our Fortune 50 clients are also partners in our Corporate Alliance Program, but some simply retain us for specific services on a case-by-case basis. We offer a variety of technologies; we know exactly which technologies to apply to each project, and we know how to use those technologies expertly.

Small Businesses

Our ability to scale down eDiscovery costs appeals to smaller businesses who encounter data management dilemmas. Some of our small business clients have used RECENSEO® to share and transfer data with their partners or clients. Others have used our hosting platform for business records management, to keep files at their fingertips without the need for large server and IT infrastructures.

Small Law Firms

We’ve worked with some of the smallest law firms in the world on some of the smallest cases in the world. Regardless of case size, all litigation now requires an eDiscovery expert, and our proprietary toolsets provide smaller firms tremendous cost and functionality advantages over licensed or boxed software options.

eDiscovery Service Providers

We frequently work with other eDiscovery service providers in a specific service offering, partnership, or with outsourced overflow work. Providers who are looking for an online hosting solution with all of the latest technology for their clients, but without all of the costly software licensing fees, find RECENSEO® to be the perfect fit.


Corporate Alliance Customers

Clients of our Corporate Alliance Program (CAP) consist of firms and organizations with whom we’ve established contractual relationships. One of the many benefits that our CAP clients experience is predictability of eDiscovery costs, regardless of data sizes or litigation duration. With CAP, our corporate alliances eliminate the risk of uncontrollable and unpredictable litigation cost swings, realizing certainty in discovery cost budgeting from year to year.

Most Importantly: You.

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We even work with individuals requiring personal data management.
No entity is too large or too small – you are always our most important client.

If you have data, we’ll customize a solution to help you manage it.
We respect and protect the privacy of our clients. Therefore we do not publish the names of law firms, corporations, or individuals with whom we work, or have worked in the past. Many of our clients have provided references, and we are happy to share them, in a non-publicized format, upon request.

Provide us with a few details, and our expert consulting team
will construct an objective strategy for your data.

ENVIZETM Predictive Analytics

Minimize review time and cost with ENVIZETM. ENVIZE’s unique user experience, combined with patent-pending sample selection and training stabilization scoring make industry-leading process visibility and workflow flexibility possible.

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