ENVIZE by iControl ESI

ENVIZE by iControl ESI

ENVIZE is a robust data analytics framework that brings uniquely scalable and flexible machine-learning based solutions, including patent-pending batch selection and stability measurement methods to any document review process. ENVIZE’s novel approach to data clustering provides yet another example of a differentiated solution helping cut review time and cost.

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Predictive Analytics Software

ENVIZE’s unique user experience, easy-to-use interface, and ability to handle large document populations, combined with our batch selection and training stabilization, make industry-leading process visibility and workflow flexibility possible. Because our integration with Relativity avoids any need to manually move ESI between platforms, you can painlessly leverage a unified workflow between the powerful machine learning analytics of ENVIZE® and the review functionality of Relativity. You can continue to use your own e-discovery workflows that you have spent years refining; ENVIZE® will simply make your workflows faster.

Benefits of Envize® include:

  • Scalable, highly advanced technology
  • Continuous active learning™ functionality
  • Transparent, flexible, and easy-to-use interface
  • Unparalleled process flexibility
  • Immediate review availability

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ENVIZE provides industry-leading minimization of time and effort required for stable document classification, and provides review leaders with powerful workflow flexibility. Whether your preference is a more traditional “Train/Review/Produce” model, Continuous Active Learning™, or any number of possible variations, ENVIZE supports that preference.

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ENVIZE Predictive Analytics

Minimize review time and cost with ENVIZE. ENVIZE’s unique user experience, combined with patent-pending sample selection and training stabilization scoring, make industry-leading process visibility and workflow flexibility possible.

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