Strike Gold – Use Predictive Analytics for More Than Coding

Predictive Analytics discussions almost always focus on finding and producing relevant documents. There can be little doubt of its usefulness in this context, but that is just the beginning of what AI technology can do for us. Beyond helping you whittle a mountain of discovery down to a smaller mountain of “responsive” documents, Predictive Analytics can help you put your hands and eyes on the gold (the gold that makes the difference between wins and losses) sooner.

The outcome of most cases and investigations generally rest on a handful of documents, even when discovery starts with millions.

Furthermore, it generally doesn’t take long to figure out the evidence you hope to find in discovery, and the evidence you hope doesn’t exist at all.

That handful of documents that you know could make or break your case is the gold we’re looking for. That gold enables you to arrive at the best strategy and work toward the best possible outcome sooner. That gold may be that one email that proves your client’s position and gives you leverage for a quick and lucrative settlement. It may also be the communication that significantly weakens your client’s case. How can this last example be gold? If you know about it early, you can change strategy and posture before you spend a lot of time and money.

Late last year, one of iControl ESI’s corporate clients came to us with a request to assist them with an internal investigation. They had seen what we could do with our predictive analytics solution, ENVIZE, in a predictive coding scenario and wondered if we could help them with a more focused search for a likely very small volume of gold in a mountain of email messages. It was an exciting opportunity to demonstrate ENVIZE’s ability to find gold, without a full-blown responsiveness prediction project.  Here’s how it worked in this case …

The client suspected that some of their employees were conducting business in a way that violated the company’s policies and represented the potential for significant financial losses. This was potentially a multi-million-dollar concern … at least.

As we talked with them about the concern, we learned that they had a few years of email from approximately 10 employees. (We would later determine that it was approximately 1 million unique messages.) We also got more detail about why they hoped ENVIZE’s predictive analytics could help. They had been trying to figure out how to search the data but found that their efforts to find evidence of wrong-doing (the gold in this case) was only turning up evidence of normal business operations.

This is where the fun started. After discussing the issues and challenges with the corporate investigation team, we asked them to draft a handful of fictitious emails that would clearly demonstrate the violations they were looking for. That brief effort resulted in roughly 3 pages of text. Let’s call that text our “synthetic document” because we just made it up.

Armed with our synthetic document, we set up an ENVIZE project, and designed the workflow to start presenting very small numbers of documents that ENVIZE’s algorithms determined most likely to be of interest to the investigation team. Furthermore, ENVIZE adjusted the algorithm based on feedback from the team, which continued to improve the focus as it identified more documents for review.

ENVIZE struck gold and the process worked flawlessly. Within the first 10 documents ENVIZE queued up, the investigators found evidence that had eluded them before deploying ENVIZE. Within the next 150 documents, they found more gold, providing the evidence they needed to prove their suspicions and take action to end the associated financial loss.

Verifying this issue and taking steps to address it early was absolute gold for our client.

As artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics finally start to enjoy wide spread acceptance in our industry, I am thrilled to see our clients looking for new and creative ways to take advantage.

ENVIZE’s uniquely flexible user experience, easy-to-use interface, and ability to handle large datasets is unmatched in an industry where complex and difficult-to-use systems have been the rule. ENVIZE provides powerful machine-learning analytics to help you focus on the gold in any situation.

Ask yourself…. What gold are you looking for? Wouldn’t you like to strike faster? iControl ESI and ENVIZE predictive analytics can help.

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