The Science of eDiscovery

The Science
of eDiscovery


Why is our state-of-the-art hosting and review platform favored by law firms, corporate legal teams, and eDiscovery service providers worldwide?

Complete Review Solution

RECENSEO (Latin for “review”) is iControl ESI’s complete review solution. It is powerful, intuitive, secure, and stable. RECENSEO offers the required horsepower, flexibility, and function for the largest and most complex electronic discovery projects while remaining easy to learn and use. Whether you’re working as a large team of contract attorneys conducting a privilege review or a single paralegal searching for the smoking gun, RECENSEO is the right solution.


RECENSEO is conveniently accessible from all network and local workstations, whether in the office or working remotely – and there’s no software to install..

We provide a shortcut that connects you straight to our server. Thus you can review documents without the burden of internet file transfer.


When planning a document review, most don’t account for lead time spent in learning new review software. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t. RECENSEO allows you to jump into your data and get started. While we offer customized training at no cost to accommodate your busy schedule, our workflows and review tools are highly logical – over half of our clients begin and end their review process without any training at all.

RECENSEO® is designed to work the way you do – but easier.


With data volumes exponentially rising, our cutting-edge technology and data management approach permits the cost of working with those volumes to decrease simultaneously. Technology-assisted review (TAR), predictive coding, and conceptual data analytics advancements paired with our innovative expertise allow us to develop a true value roadmap for any project. We offer services AND prices at superlative levels because we not only want to help you manage your next project…we want to help you with all of the projects after that.


RECENSEO’s infrastructure and unlimited customization options provide a maximized solution for projects of all sizes. When your case unexpectedly escalates from 1 GB to a multi-TB review population overnight, RECENSEO is equipped to handle the increase in data, analytics, and reviewers, and the iControlESI team possesses the foresight, flexibility, and expertise to swiftly employ a shift in workflows and tools.

RECENSEO is the review solution you want in place when the unexpected happens.


Employing all of the same data center security measures as the US Department of Defense, your data is hosted in a Tier III/IV data center with RAID 6 array backups, and 24/7/365 onsite security and critical buildings systems monitoring. Biometric access readers secure all data center entry. The data center cooling system is a “2N” configuration providing redundant systems with twice the needed cooling capacity. Two sub-stations provide power for the facility with diverse entry paths. Fuel storage tanks provide for 72 hours of weekly-tested generator operations and a fifteen-foot wall surrounds the generator yard. The space has underfloor and overhead smoke detection systems and a double-interlock pre-action suppression system.







ENVIZETM Predictive Analytics

Minimize review time and cost with ENVIZETM. ENVIZE’s unique user experience, combined with patent-pending sample selection and training stabilization scoring make industry-leading process visibility and workflow flexibility possible.

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